Here’s a helpful tip!

Best practice in content translation suggests using machine translations together with proofreading. You may come across a few terms and phrases in a translated itinerary that could sound better – more human, less machine.👨‍💻 Provided you’re on the Enterprise package, if you need to improve a description in the language you’re presenting, you can tweak the translated copy for your itinerary.

View the Supplier and Destination content in Admin. This is what you need to access. Click the relevant tab and search for the item to edit. Under Suppliers, click the Customise Description link and under Destinations, click the Description link – this will take you to a Change Translations box. Select the language. Any edits you make here and save, will update the entry to Your Custom Description. This will now reflect in any itinerary you choose to do the corresponding language translation.🤖

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