Optimising content for a more effective website.

Generating better leads more effectively with the content on your website is a challenge we recognise as an opportunity. Effective content is visually appealing and easy to consume. It motivates visitors to your website to spend more time on it and to make enquiries. What is needed is a content-optimising digital tool that has the ability to draw and lock in your audience, but is also cost-effective to manage and implement – this is the purpose of the Wetu Content API.

Southern Destinations took our API for a spin to help the improve content engagement on their website. Read further to learn how you too can benefit.


Southern Destination is an Online Tour Operator selling Southern and East Africa, targeting inbound travellers. Their primary marketing tool is their website, which needs to engage the visitor and encourage them to make enquiries. As it generates the majority of their business, they invest a great deal of effort in SEO, Adwords, Social Media, etc. in order to drive traffic to their website.


Once they have a visitor on their website, the challenge for them is to keep that visitor browsing for longer until they eventually make an enquiry. Good quality content is what is required to achieve this objective – content that engages the visitor and inspires them to travel.However, travel buyers increasingly require more, better, fresher travel content to retain their attention and interest. Images, videos, virtual tours and so on need to be powerful enough to capture their imagination sufficiently or else they simply go elsewhere for their travel inspiration. As Southern Destinations have over 500 suppliers, it becomes impossible to manage and keep the volume of content required by visitors up to date.


The Wetu Content API (content feed) provides live access to all the latest images, videos, virtual tours, facilities, room types and other information as suppliers update their content. By integrating the Content API, the website is automatically populated with all the in-depth content and then it updates the content as soon as suppliers make any changes. Previously they had to spend a huge amount of time and effort collecting limited supplier content and manually uploading it. Now their website always displays the best, most up-to-date content without their having to do any additional work.


Prior to integrating the Content API, the average time spent by visitors on their website was around 3.5 minutes. Now, with the help of the in-depth content on the website, this has increased to over 14 minutes. In addition to that, the consequent website enquiries are of a far better quality with a higher chance of conversion.


An immediate benefit of the Content API is that Operators save time and money as less effort goes into managing website content. It translates into an improved buying experience for travellers and an increase in time spent on the operator website. By providing a better shopping experience, travellers are inclined to invest more time on your site, they get a better idea of what you have to offer them and what they want. Ultimately, the Content API generates better leads from the website; so┬áit’s increased business conversion that wins the day.

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