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The guest checks in with tech

20 November 2016 0

In the world of the modern traveller, communication is the anchor of their consumer experiences. This anchor is secured by the weight of efficient, game-changing,…

Technology hooks up with the travel cart

10 November 2016 0

The traveller is the horse that pulls the cart of the tourism industry.. and from where I’m sitting (on the corral fence), the reigns controlling and…

Align your business with what travellers want

17 October 2016 0

We’re all doing a happy dance knowing the steady growth in global tourism over the past 5 years is expected to continue. The challenge lies in…

Your Objectives & Traveller Demands: a match made for travel

5 October 2016 0

I once had an entire month of vacation time to take. A glorious but uncommon luxury for me, so I wasted a whole lot of…

Produce, Present & Promote Content that rocks

24 August 2016 0

The evolution of the modern traveller dictates regular reinvestment in the way travel products are produced, presented and promoted. Sure, it sounds like a lot…

In pursuit of Tourism Marketing success

24 August 2016 0

Ours is an industry of contradiction… Travel is the most wonderful thing to market but it’s equally challenging. Just about everyone in the world loves…

Love thy guest (not thy product)

25 July 2016 0

It may be quite tempting to promote a travel product and leave it up to the travelling public to decide if your offering mostly matches…

Are you compatible with your client?

22 July 2016 0

Whoever I am, wherever I come from and whatever my personality, I’m not interested in being viewed and treated like everyone else and no one…

Travel buyer’s companion

28 June 2016 0

Where? What? How much? 3 Simple questions the traveller needs to have answered when embarking on the travel buyer journey. The reality is not quite as…