How much of your content is available in the traveller’s own language?

The power of interactive, visually-rich itineraries to inspire travel has been proven – emotive imagery is key to the sale. Now imagine your itinerary content in different languages.. If more travellers understand it better, it can be the difference between attention lost and attention retained, which translates into sales prospects lost or clients won. But why machine translations?

Because Machine Translations can really grow your business.

Let’s get the so-called negatives out of the way: the absence of a human touch will surely miss some colloquial nuances and idiomatic expression. You may feel the need to tweak a word here, a phrase there (and definitely proofread anything before you send it out).

BUT approach your business from these 2 perspectives:

  • machine vs human translation
  • with vs without machine translations

The potential return on investment is clear.

1️⃣ Speed, time and money

Once the decision is made to include content translations in a business strategy, the next concern is how to do it and how much it will cost. First prize is naturally human translations but this can become quite expensive. Where there’s a great deal of text to translate, especially repetitive text, it can take a long time to get the job done. Also, each language translation potentially needs a different translator, which pushes up the cost. Machine translations are faster and more cost effective. 

Process higher volumes of content at lower costs in less time.


Time and labour savings are significant compared to entirely manual translations. Any itinerary changes – for example, a destination or accommodation added – can be immediately translated by simply clicking ‘save’. A human eye can proofread and polish the translation but with minimal labour resources expended, businesses can enter new markets at reasonable overall cost.

2️⃣ Productivity and the machine

It’s the Ferrari of content translations. It works so fast, it can literally double your output by translating your existing itinerary inventory! Triple it if you want to provide 3 language options, and so on. Each new itinerary can be translated just as quickly. Businesses with global offices can share popular itineraries with colleagues and partners in the languages of those destinations or markets they represent. It’s less work all round, with sales prospects multiplied a few times over.


Produce more itineraries and increase enquiry turnaround time.

Travellers in the planning stage already search for tour products in their own languages. Machine translations can speed up your enquiry response times in the desired language. Digital itineraries also provide the option to book directly online; so your products become even easier to access and purchase in the traveller’s language. For expansion planning, this speedy process and increased productivity significantly reduce time and effort spent on global sales and marketing campaigns.

3️⃣ Attract, engage and retain clients worldwide

Win more global business with the double whammy of travel inspiration: a beautiful interactive itinerary in the traveller’s language of preference! Growing demand for native language content and Internet user-behaviour are setting the scene: access to travel info and e-commerce made easier will attract attention from travellers across the globe. Native language content is personalised content – content travellers prefer to engage with.

..there is an undeniably strong link between in-language content & a consumer’s likelihood of making a purchase.

Harvard Business Review

Providing different touch points along the travel buyer journey in their own language, communicates empathy. From strong first impression to foundation for brand loyalty, it helps identify you as caring and customer-centric, a brand worth doing (repeat) business with.

4️⃣ Conversions and the machine

From machine translations to brand differentiation, and online availability to enhanced sales conversions: businesses put themselves ahead the competition by offering innovations that drive conversion rates. Whether you can respond while competitors cannot, or you respond to travel enquiries in different languages faster than them, machine translations give you an edge.

Drive conversions in more markets and increase your profit margin.


Translated itineraries shared with agents in more or bigger international markets, create more sales opportunities – especially among nations with high online purchasing power (after the English-speaking ones). The easier and quicker it is to translate and share, translate and share, the more lucrative the process. Providing buyers and re-sellers with great service also encourages referral and repeat business. Finally, differentiate to protect your business from local economic slumps – while the rest miss out because they’ve put all their prospects in one basket, machine translations help you build an international client base.

5️⃣ Build a global brand and grow your business

For global exposure and credibility, get your content machine translated. Consider, for example, that Mexico and Colombia are among the top 10 fastest growing e-commerce markets in the world – your itineraries translated into Spanish immediately opens the door to business expansion into those regions and across most of Latin America. As tour products and services become more familiar to speakers of different world languages, it improves brand marketability and promotes digital visibility among native and second language speakers.

Serve up credible content for a language-tailored travel buyer journey with a global digital footprint.

For businesses with capacity for telephonic, email or in-person customer service in different languages, machine translations provide additional digital content touch points, resulting in seamless and consistent messaging. Even if you don’t have the manpower to offer a multilingual service, your translated content will still help you establish brand presence. Ultimately, it means your product is perceived the same way in different languages by different audiences worldwide.

The travel itinerary is both source of inspiration and tool to promote tourism. Available in more languages, with faster translations and minimal effort, your team is more productive and your tour products accessible to a far wider audience. Travel businesses desiring to grow their client base and sell more travel, should invest in the machine and let it speak for their brand.

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