What if I told you the tool that promotes your products has the power to differentiate your brand, make it more competitive, provide excellent service and make you more money? Quit dabbling in paper! The trees have spoken: the days of paper brochures are over. This fact-packed listicle will reveal the truth about the digital brochure and what it can do for your business.

Dress your brand for success

Any travel business worth its salt wants to been as professional and tech savvy. In the age of modern consumerism, tech savvy = professional! That’s where the argument for travel content in digital format starts. Next, you want control over how your brand is represented, wherever it’s represented. Digital gives you that control. All that’s left is to dress your brand for success – to move the audience, to inspire travel and be memorable.

­čĺí┬áDigital brochures inspire the sale with media-rich content. An attractive mini-website, mobile-responsive, user-friendly experience on whatever device is being used, both attract and retain attention.

­čĺí┬áDigital brochures can host high-res images, videos, virtual tours and extensive product info that tell the story of your experiences. Eye-catching imagery and options to interact with different content parts, engage viewers to stay on-site for longer.

­čĺí┬áDigital brochures help you service the trade with content in a format that packs a visual, emotional punch. Its standardised content style and layout displays consistently wherever the brochure is shared.

­čĺí┬áDigital brochures keep the integrity of your brand intact with its consistency, which encourages trade partners and travellers to trust and feel confident doing business with you.

­čĺí┬áDigital brochures can be used as a quick, visually powerful follow-up to meetings with trade partners and prospective buyers.

Get around the world in 1 link

Increased business needs more exposure, needs versatile distribution tools. In the online distribution space, hyperlinks = versatility! Share them everywhere, any time of day. Updates to hyperlinked content is instantly available to viewers wherever the link is shared. Share a brochure ‘home page’ link or links to parts of it on social media, email signatures, newsletters, blog, even WhatsApp.

­čľ▒┬áDigital brochures present content in a hyperlinked one-stop-shop that streamlines your marketing activities. Use it in its entirety or focus on bite-sized content portions according to campaigns.

­čľ▒Digital brochures are a quick, effective way to communicate multiple offerings. There’s no limit on the number of times you can send a link around the world, at no extra cost.

­čľ▒Digital brochures get your content into many different sales channels, with large scale exposure online and on social media. Links are easy to click on by anyone you wish to access and consume your content.

­čľ▒Digital brochure links share your info quickly, efficiently and accurately. It puts your brand in pole position to respond first or fastest to content requests from trade partners, regardless of where they’re based.

Provide service with a smile

Business is easier to grow when product content is easy to access, consume and use in the sale. In the travel buying journey, user-friendly content = great service! Content as a service makes selling your products easier for the trade. Give OTA’s a run for their money too – make it easier for travellers bypass intermediaries and┬ádeal directly with you.

­čŤÄ┬áDigital brochures can be used in tour operator,┬áDMC┬áand travel agent itineraries. Service them better with content they can repurpose: images, videos and docs to download from a single source.

­čŤÄ┬áDigital brochures have branding options that trade partners can use to recommend your brand and refer more business your way, and also for themselves.

­čŤÄ┬áDigital brochures save trade partners from having to source, curate and package content for their sales, because everything they need is already there, up-to-date.

­čŤÄ┬áDigital brochures enable you to service viewers with CTA’s (calls to action) for direct contact with your brand. They can submit requests, make bookings and provide feedback conveniently.

Time is money

Travel brands that save time can do more with their time. You want your business to be cost-effective without compromising on quality. Time-saving = cost-effective! Managing content smartly means being able to edit it quickly. When you distribute content quickly too, it wins back more time for your business.

­čĺ░┬áDigital brochure content is automatically updated and available for global consumption whenever it’s viewed. No money spent reprinting new versions after every content change; nothing spent on delivery costs.

­čĺ░┬áDigital brochures save your business time distributing updated content. Where it’s been added to digital itineraries and 3rd party websites, all content changes reflect immediately.

­čĺ░┬áDigital brochures are cost-effective to create and maintain – they demand little of your time and labour resources. When your entire team knows it’s there for them to access and share, you’re more┬á efficient and productive.

­čĺ░┬áDigital brochures work for you even when you take time off work. It continues to market your brand, sell your products and draw traffic to your online sites, without your lifting another finger.

Up the competitive ante

Where analogue is a bit of a gamble right now, digital will give you the edge for sure. A good strategy must optimise exposure and differentiate your brand. Digital strategy = competitive! That’s if you want to become first choice for operator sales and build a competitive, global brand..

­čÄ▓┬áDigital brochures help you compete with other brands who’ve embraced the digital trend. A brand off the grid is a brand left behind, and out of the game!

­čÄ▓┬áDigital brochures bring more exposure (than any paper brochure). More exposure creates better prospects and potentially more bed nights sold.

­čÄ▓┬áDigital brochures can be audience-specific for targeted marketing. Whether you explore a new niche or language market, your content can speak directly to that segment. Differentiate your brand to open it up to more markets and compete for a bigger share.

Consider it an investment in the future health of your business. No travel supplier should be without one. Content looks better in digital, gets around faster, provides better service, saves time to make more money, and imposes your brand competitively on the online travel space.

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