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What are the hot travel recovery trends in 2022?

1 February 2022 0

Will 2022 be the year travel and tourism recovers? Here are some predictions from the Googleverse that we’ll be keeping a close eye on over…

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Harnessing demand from Gen Z travellers

26 January 2022 1

Gen Z travellers have received heightened attention for their massive influence & growing buying power. As we think about the future of the travel industry,…

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Who is the post-COVID traveller?

5 January 2022 0

Who is the post-COVID traveller? Travellers of the past are not those of the future. To have a successful tourism business in 2022, we must…

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The importance of using visuals in your travel marketing

5 January 2022 0

Hooking into your customers’ emotions is the key to building connections and loyalty If you do no other travel marketing in 2022, use visuals to…

90 Seconds is all you have

3 January 2022 1

The data doesn’t lie – many people would rather watch a video than read text. Amy Balliett (Author, Founder and CEO of Killer Visual Strategies)…

Thinking ahead with the best in their field

21 December 2021 0

If I was down to my last dollar, I would spend it on PR – Bill Gates Cutting-edge, confident thought leadership can put your brand…

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Fine tune your marketing plan for 2022

21 December 2021 0

It’s getting noisy out there. A hyperactive overstimulation of media and content coming at us from every angle. So, now is the time to take…

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Stay ahead of the curve in 2022

21 December 2021 1

In fact, be a pioneer with marketing trends in the year to come – the opportunities are seemingly endless… The marketing landscape has never been…

10 Travel suppliers waxing their marketing assets with Wetu

20 December 2021 0

Get your best marketing assets online, so you stand out from the sea of blah blah. Take a look at these awesome properties reaping the…

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