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WTM 2017 Testimonials – Rainmaker Digital (Suppliers)

30 May 2017 0

Thomas Müller, Rainmaker Digital (Namibia), considers Wetu an industry standard for the way it assists with consistent content management, its ease of use, and the…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Grande Roche Hotel

25 May 2017 0

Elemencia & Jaco from the Grande Roche Hotel, South Africa, are still very enthusiastic after years as Wetu users, about the way their property benefits…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Discover Africa Group

25 May 2017 0

Rick Harington of Discover Africa Group, South Africa, marvels at the amount of time saved building itineraries in Wetu & the simplicity of a single…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Africa Safari Co.

24 May 2017 0

Susie Potter of the Africa Safari Co. based in Australia explains how using Wetu has revolutionised their office in the way they get their work…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Edge Travel

24 May 2017 0

Bronwyn Harding of Edge Travel, South Africa, explains how much easier using Wetu is than the old manual ways of doing itineraries, with easy access…

List of supported destinations

23 February 2017 4

Oceania Australia Cook Islands Fiji French Polynesia New Zealand Samoa Tonga Latin America Argentina Belize Bolivia Brazil Chile Colombia Costa Rica Ecuador El Salvador Guatemala…

Bushbaby’s Increased Conversions

1 January 2017 0

Carol from Bushbaby Tours speaks about her increase conversions since using Wetu.

Wetu’s Content Solution for Suppliers

21 November 2016 15

With all the competition out there, the last thing you need is to fight a losing battle with outdated content in different formats, stored all…

Empower your agents with Wetu | Giltedge Africa

17 November 2016 0

As a multifaceted Operator that prizes relationships with their Agents, Giltedge Travel identified the right solution to match their scale of operations in Wetu. Agents…

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