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Indaba 2018 Testimonials – Ajimba African Tours (Operator)

21 May 2018 8

Feedback from Frank Wardenberg, Ajimba African Tours (Germany) at Indaba 2018.

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Rainmaker Digital (Operators)

30 May 2017 0

Thomas Müller of Rainmaker Digital (Namibia) laments the outmoded, manual ways many operators still use to produce itineraries and explains how Wetu can vastly speed…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Rockwood Specialist Tours

30 May 2017 0

Bronwen Pearson of Rockwood Specialist Tours (South Africa), names professionalism, detail, time-saving & fun as her biggest Wetu wins, and she loves the ability to…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Il Viaggio

30 May 2017 0

Ico Inanc of Il Viaggio Journeys & Voyages, Italy, claims their clients all love the Wetu itinerary, as evidenced by the way and how often…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Enkosi Africa

30 May 2017 0

Jordi Casinos, Enkosi Africa (Andorra), claims their biggest win with Wetu is in the way it helps them simplify the logistical detail on unfamiliar destinations…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Anastasia’s Africa

30 May 2017 0

Karin Jones of Anastasia’s Africa, USA, tells how Wetu has assisted them in growing their business and streamlining their daily work practices to produce attractive…

Indaba 2017 Testimonials – Inspired Journeys

30 May 2017 0

Barbara Weitz, Inspired Journeys (South Africa), credits Wetu for enabling them to open a whole new world to their clients as they expand into the…

Indaba 2017 Testimonials – NB Consult

30 May 2017 0

Natasha from NB Consult, Namibia, enjoys the mobile accessibility of Wetu itineraries on all devices most.

Indaba 2017 Testimonials – Shadows of Africa

30 May 2017 0

Jake McCormick, Shadows of Africa (Tanzania), claims their clients love the interactive map feature, which has been a great selling point for them.

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