What Millennials want from you

16 May 2017 0

It’s a bit like trying to catch an eel, I’d imagine.. that’s what the Millennial traveller represents to suppliers of tourism with its apparently fickle…

Add Activities for foodies

16 May 2017 0

All destinations have awesome culinary experiences or food-related events to showcase. Give your clients the opportunity to immerse themselves in the food and beverage culture…

Cook up a tasty Component

16 May 2017 0

Got some culinary activities and/or seasonal food events and festivals to include in your offerings? Your clients want to experience your destination via their taste buds…

Something to celebrate

11 May 2017 0

Wetu has come a long way – 8 years to be exact – from that very first map with collated Africa content launched at Indaba…

The matter with Millennials

2 May 2017 0

The exciting, but scary thing about Millennials is that they’re becoming increasingly prominent fixtures in global tourism, yet notoriously hard to pin down and pigeonhole….

Personalise itineraries with the necessary detail

2 May 2017 0

The more detailed the itinerary, the richer it is, the better. Personalise your client itineraries with minimal effort and time. The Itinerary Builder enables you…

Manage your specials & score

2 May 2017 0

Managing your content means keeping an eye on your published Specials too.Visit your Specials home page from your Dashboard and preview your specials to see…