Time flies when you’re having fun, working hard, disrupting things.. In fact, we do what we do, so that you can do what you must do, quicker and easier with better results. With more time for fun!

Tawriq wins at Go Karting

Flanked by best losers, Batman ..errr.. Brian & Robin

Having a ball at 10-pin bowling











Back at Wetu HQ, our Dev team performed a little language coup de grâce to the challenge of itinerary translations for operators/DMCs/agents, and brought us Machine Translations – for all those non-English-speaking markets you’ve been wanting to access.. Starting with Spanish and German in a phased approach and licking our lips at the prospects, we launched the new feature con mucho gusto, mit gutes gesammenschaft (and very little showing off, clearly).

And then there was nom Master Chef ain’t got nothing on Wetu chefs. Potluck Friday brought some spatula power and another side of our creativity to the table. The happy rumblings of sated Team Wetu tums were proof of the pudding. Diets were disrupted – sometimes sacrifice is necessary for the greater food.. The recipes are available for free – let us know if you’d like a taste.








Saving the blessed for last Nothing feels better than giving something back. Back in September, Team Wetu took pause to remember those fallen prey to the ravages of leukaemia and the like, wearing our topes to raise hope on Sunflower Day 🌻worthy cause to throw some weight behind. Not long after that came Breast Cancer Awareness Day 💟– in fact, Team Wetu observed #wearitpink Wednesdays throughout the month in solidarity with those fighting the good fight and in remembrance of those who’ve succumbed. May we also raise our caps to all the foot soldiers raising funds and working hard to provide support and relief to affected families.

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