Nobody likes an overcomplicated system – streamlined is always better. Your booking and enquiry processes are smoother when the lines of communication between you and potential leads are simple and direct.🔁 Here’s what we’ve been working on for you:

  • Unique Booking URL You can now save unique URLs to each Digital or Virtual Itinerary, so that the Book Now or Enquiry form is redirected to a unique booking portal. That means, when a client sees an itinerary they like, they can book or enquire about it on its own dedicated booking portal, directly with you. When you’re working with an agent, you have the option of keeping or removing this URL. Here’s how.
  • Enquiry Form Updates You’ve told us how important telephone contact details are to a successful enquiry process; so we updated the telephone field on the itinerary enquiry form with an international code section. Now clients will be required to add at least an email address or a phone number (or both) before they hit send.

We hope these feature releases smooth out your enquiry and booking processes – please let us know on how they work out for you and what you think.🏋️‍♂️

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