aerial view of coastal resort

Not just a pretty face

18 January 2016 0

Whenever I travel somewhere on holiday, I try not to do too much planning. I like a measure of spontaneity in my travels. But where I…

tropical islet

Beauty in focus

6 January 2016 0

Whenever I travel somewhere new, I try not to have too many expectations. I like to be surprised… But most people need to be sold…

Newcomers to Wetu

1 January 2016

Clients who recently joined the Wetu family: September 2019: Valencia Cusco RSelection Sporting Excellence Club Faune Voyages Charity Travel LLC Jaci’s Sabi House Jaci Safari…

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1 January 2016

Get your piece of the travel pie with help from Wetu – keep informed and keep improving. Complete the form below and earn yourself some…

Testimonials – Suppliers

15 December 2015 0

See what some of our customers have to say… “It saves us time without the need for log-in or buying storage and is far easier…

Testimonials – Operators

15 December 2015 0

See what some of our customers have to say… “WETU has successfully added an unrivalled level of engagement to our itinerary offerings. Our clients love the…

Supplier Case Study: Simple & Effective Content Management & Distribution

20 September 2015

Getting the best hotel content into the sale, efficiently. Content is king, yes, but it can’t rule efficiently with poor management and distribution systems. Even…


19 September 2015

A digital solution to hotel group marketing pains. Marketing a hotel group well needs time. The ability to manage product content and distribute it to…

Operator Case Study: CONTENT API

16 September 2015

Optimising content for a more effective website. Generating better leads more effectively with the content on your website is a challenge we recognise as an…