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Your client wants a mobile experience

3 May 2016 0

Long ago, when the traveller was a pioneer, braving uncharted unknowns, they’d journal their explorations to be shared months, even years after returning home. A…

Release Notes

18 April 2016

More exciting news from our side is that we’re releasing our new Specials feature. We’ve improved upon the way you manage your specials. The result…

night time bonfire

How to accommodate tech like your product needs it

18 April 2016 0

Let’s face facts: we can’t escape technology. But like any tool, it’s only as good as its purpose and its user. There are isolated parts…

Release Notes

11 April 2016

Exciting developments have been stirring over at Wetu. We’ve taken your feedback, put our heads together and come up with a few ways to make…

Release Notes

11 April 2016

Wetu exists to make your working life easier 🙂 We’ve taken your feedback, put our heads together and come up with some fabulous new functionalities…

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Is tech too tough for the travel trade to crack?

4 April 2016 0

If you’re reading this, you probably clicked on a link to access this page on your digital device. You could be anywhere: on a beach,…

woman on safari

The currency of travel experience

15 March 2016 0

Travellers depend on you to help them realise their dream experiences in bucket list destinations. You know your location and what activities are available that…


14 March 2016

The best of both worlds in quoting & presentation. Great news for Tourplan users. Wetu has successfully integrated with Tourplan; so you can now not…

girl taking selfie in Paris

Year of the experience

1 March 2016 0

On a trip once I saw a volcano erupting in the distance. What an exhilarating, once-in-a-lifetime experience that was! That’s what travel is all about: experience…

The story of strategic travel content

25 February 2016 0

The capacity to inspire action.. Good travel content strategy teases travellers, piques their curiosity, speaks to them in figurative and literal languages that resonate personally and…

couple lounging on beach

Connecting the dots

15 February 2016 0

Travel can be a lot like Valentine’s Day: high expectations, money spent, hopes raised and, sadly, often dashed. Not very romantic, is it? They say…

group on sunset beach

Everything is connected in travel

1 February 2016 0

It’s the month of love, the perfect time to reflect and celebrate our first love: travel. We are all involved – in a seriously fun…

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