Pop it open for convenience

29 November 2016 0

You’ve got lots of interesting detail to add onto your client’s Day Itinerary and you want to keep an eye on all that you’ve written….

Get your Directions pointing the right way

29 November 2016 0

Every awesome property or activity needs to be found to be enjoyed. So get accurate and up-to-date directions onto your listing to make travel easier…

Rearrange & Reverse itineraries for efficiency

22 November 2016 0

You’ve got the perfect itinerary and component options to copy for a new client’s itinerary but there are some availability issues and a few different…

Wetu’s Content Solution for Suppliers

21 November 2016 2

With all the competition out there, the last thing you need is to fight a losing battle with outdated content in different formats, stored all…

The guest checks in with tech

20 November 2016 0

In the world of the modern traveller, communication is the anchor of their consumer experiences. This anchor is secured by the weight of efficient, game-changing,…

Team Wetu unified in dirt at the Impi Challenge

19 November 2016 0

There was mud and music, there was sweat and slithering, there were obstacles and much groaning.. there was Team Wetu at the 2016 IMPI #4…

Empower your agents with Wetu | Giltedge Africa

17 November 2016 0

As a multifaceted Operator that prizes relationships with their Agents, Giltedge Travel identified the right solution to match their scale of operations in Wetu. Agents…

Time is the gift that keeps giving

15 November 2016 0

Time is 1 vital factor that empowers you to give your clients a more personalised buyer experience. Here are 3 quick plays to win back…

Technology hooks up with the travel cart

10 November 2016 0

The traveller is the horse that pulls the cart of the tourism industry.. and from where I’m sitting (on the corral fence), the reigns controlling and…

Boost your work rate, boost conversions

8 November 2016 2

One way to convert more business is to improve efficiency and speed up your work rate. This way you respond faster to client enquiries, clients…

Simplify your Marketing efforts

8 November 2016 0

Finding a single solution to market your products is a challenge we can help with. Streamline your content management and simplify your distribution, like our…

New Wetu HQ gets a spooky launch

4 November 2016 0

We wouldn’t be Wetu if everything we did weren’t creative, crafty and somewhat twisted. It’s how we shake, rattle ‘n roll. ☠ With a belated nod…