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Get your piece of the Facebook action

13 June 2017 0

Facebook is one of the most popular social apps used by Millennial travellers. Get your share of the action by displaying your product content on Facebook….

Give your clients some activity options

13 June 2017 0

Your clients want to feel they have some control of their travel planning, so give them every possible Activity option suitable to their itinerary. With the…

The Facebook of Things

6 June 2017 0

Let’s face it.. what started out as a space dedicated to curiosity, quickly became a forum for vainglorious self-advertising. Facebook speaks to our primal need…

Manage your Digital Catalogue content

30 May 2017 0

You want to provide travellers with as much info on your property/product and location as possible, including all activities and experiences available to visitors –…

Accommodation alternatives spice up your offering

30 May 2017 0

You want to provide your clients with some accommodation alternatives to choose from – they need and appreciate the maximum amount of detail on their…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Rainmaker Digital (Operators)

30 May 2017 0

Thomas Müller of Rainmaker Digital (Namibia) laments the outmoded, manual ways many operators still use to produce itineraries and explains how Wetu can vastly speed…

WTM 2017 Testimonials – Rockwood Specialist Tours

30 May 2017 0

Bronwen Pearson of Rockwood Specialist Tours (South Africa), names professionalism, detail, time-saving & fun as her biggest Wetu wins, and she loves the ability to…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Il Viaggio

30 May 2017 0

Ico Inanc of Il Viaggio Journeys & Voyages, Italy, claims their clients all love the Wetu itinerary, as evidenced by the way and how often…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Enkosi Africa

30 May 2017 0

Jordi Casinos, Enkosi Africa (Andorra), claims their biggest win with Wetu is in the way it helps them simplify the logistical detail on unfamiliar destinations…

We Are Africa 2017 Testimonials – Anastasia’s Africa

30 May 2017 0

Karin Jones of Anastasia’s Africa, USA, tells how Wetu has assisted them in growing their business and streamlining their daily work practices to produce attractive…

Indaba 2017 Testimonials – Inspired Journeys

30 May 2017 0

Barbara Weitz, Inspired Journeys (South Africa), credits Wetu for enabling them to open a whole new world to their clients as they expand into the…

Indaba 2017 Testimonials – NB Consult

30 May 2017 0

Natasha from NB Consult, Namibia, enjoys the mobile accessibility of Wetu itineraries on all devices most.