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Wetu 101 – Unpacking the Planner

23 October 2018 0

This course drills deeply into the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder to help you understand the various features. You’ll learn exactly what kind of…

Wetu 101 – The simple truth about Hybrid Content

23 October 2018 0

This course examines how to customise your supplier descriptions, images, room types & activities, to combine with some of your own content. You’ll understand how…

Wetu 101 – Overnight Travel, Alternative Accommodation & Other Odd Bits

23 October 2018 0

This course covers those odd but essential parts of an itinerary like overnight travel, alternative accommodation options, own arrangements & other useful Accommodation Step features….

Wetu 101 – The Story of Components & Day Tours

23 October 2018 0

This course breaks down Components, 1-Day Tours & Multi-Day Tours (both published & unpublished Day Tour options). You’ll learn how to build them, where to…

Wetu 101 – Back to itinerary building basics

23 October 2018 0

This course covers the essential building blocks of the Itinerary Builder. You’ll learn how to build an itinerary quicky & most efficiently, with an overview of…

Hitch your brand to the road tripping trend

20 October 2018 0

Our ancestors roamed bravely across vast geographies and distances to re-settle, explore and learn. We’re genetically programmed to do the same. It’s the reason many…

Use your iBrochure to showcase your niche products

16 October 2018 0

Got a unique niche offering to market? Maybe you’re ideally positioned to cater to the growing interest in stargazing🌌 ..Or there’s a vibrant local art scene…

Release Notes

16 October 2018 0

Keeping track of all your upcoming trips can be hard to do without a proper process in place. When several trips happen at the same…

The next great road trip starts here

6 October 2018 0

Confucius said that roads were made for journeys, not destinations.. The freedom, the open space, the sense of adventure and romance so stir my nomadic soul,…

Release Notes

3 October 2018 0

The machine is coming for your content and it commands the languages of many! We’re excited to announce the arrival of Machine Translations.🤖 What it…

Wetu Stories Part IX

28 September 2018 0

Diversity runs deep in the Wetu talent pool – we need it to develop the tech and provide the support you need. We don’t just…

6 Ways to get your content everywhere

20 September 2018 0

In the business of travel, it’s content that makes the sale: beautiful, hi-res images, videos, virtual tours, and concise descriptions that attract and retain attention,…