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Operator Blossoms

New travellers emerge on the scene

6 February 2017 0

Travellers are maturing into socially and spiritually conscious, geo-politically aware beings who desire a different way of travelling from tourists of years gone by. They…

farewell zek

Wetu Internship: the story of Zek

31 January 2017 3

Today we said adieu to one of the first interns to join us in March 2016. Her name is Zek, short for Ntombizekhetelo Khumalo. Straight after…


Get around the route of the problem

31 January 2017 0

You want to customise a self-drive experience for your client along a scenic route with interesting stops, one that’s different from what’s provided by Wetu….


Add word power to your content

31 January 2017 0

Words matter to your content – it adds to your iBrochure rating and complements the imagery you use to tell your story. Invest in a…

Content Portal Supplier

What makes a Supplier Super User

28 January 2017 0

This is what an ideal month in the life of a supplier in Wetu looks like. Rate yourself on the SUPER USER scale and decide: do…

Myanmar Suppliers 2

Supplying travel in 2017

25 January 2017 0

This year’s hot destinations are about more than location location location… Everywhere has its own beauty and interest, but the experiential travel trend has sunk…

Operator_DI (1)

To re-brand itineraries is to collaborate

24 January 2017 0

This year we’re resolved to collaborate better and more effectively with our travel partners. One way to empower your Agents is to add their own…

Tip - 2401 Supplier

Size matters, so make your images count

24 January 2017 0

For this next installment in how to get your iBrochures rocking your best content ever, we consider size and shape. Take control of your images,…

Super User Header

What makes a Wetu Super User

23 January 2017 0

This is what an ideal month in the life of an operator in Wetu looks like. Rate yourself on the SUPER USER scale and decide: do…

taranaki2 operator

Around the world in 2017

18 January 2017 0

Our crystal ball promises a bumper year for tourism in 2017. We’ve put our ear to the ground and identified a few trends pointing out the…


Putting your itinerary in print

17 January 2017 1

Your Itinerary Builder empowers you to create and present your client with different options of an itinerary on their mobile device quickly and conveniently, yes….


Perfecting the pics that sell your products

17 January 2017 0

Let’s start the year with a fresh look at Content. If content is king, then your iBrochure is its crown. Time to engage better with…