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LinkedIn Connect like a Pro

16 September 2020 0

The social media channel that outranks the rest when it comes to building connections and business networking, is LinkedIn. As the largest professional online network…

Your September gift, with love from Wetu

27 August 2020 0

The return to travel beckons, locally, regionally and nationally. Time to get ready with fresh content to showcase your products and help sell post-lockdown tours….

The Dreaded Pivot

26 August 2020 0

Do you want to scream each time a business guru tells you to ‘pivot’? We feel your pain. Have the challenges of 2020 worn you…

Highlight your new terms on itineraries

25 August 2020 0

Need to highlight new Terms and Conditions applicable to your future trips?🛂While you’re in quoting stage, you can draw the client’s attention to important documents…

Keep track of shared info

20 August 2020 0

It’s important to stay on top of how your company and product info, rates and confidential docs are distributed among your trade partners across the…

Select, click and send product info fast

12 August 2020 0

Is it a pain getting important info out to your clients quickly? Maybe you may need to send a travel agent some new info on…

When WetuShare arrives in the mail

11 August 2020 0

A WetuShare email lands directly in your inbox, jam-packed with juicy content. How do you get your hands on all that essential info? Easy.🥧 Click…

Your August gift, with love from Wetu

28 July 2020 0

As we await the return to travel, to fresh photo opps and new memories, this is your opportunity to refresh your product content to inspire…

WetuShare info in your trade partner’s language

23 July 2020 0

Information is even more powerful if it’s available to your trade partners in their preferred languages. You can WetuShare your Enhanced listing info in text…

How to rebuild trade relationships

23 July 2020 0

It’s been said that there’s opportunity in crisis, and the travel industry has been presented with a silver lining. We can shape the way the…

Supplier info sharing simplified

10 July 2020 0

Working in the new normal has brought into sharper focus our need to stay digitally connected with our trade partners. The WetuShare tool helps you…

WetuShare your private docs

8 July 2020 0

You can provide a vital service by sharing private documents directly with travel agents, DMCs and tour operators, and collaborate more efficiently with the trade…