Travellers are trawling online for ideas where to stay or what to do on their next trip – how do you motivate them to choose you?

Capture their attention in that crowded online space with your own collection of visually rich, emotive videos that tell the full story of your product offering. 

How effective is video?

Video media stimulates the senses of sight and sound, and has the power to quickly transport viewers along so that they imagine themselves in the experience. It shows perspectives and panoramas in ways that static photos cannot do, and words even less. 

According to global ROI agency, Zenith, the average person is expected to watch online videos for 100 minutes a day in 2022, so you need video to feature front and centre in your marketing mix. Put it where your target customers can easily access it online, on social media and on your website; and where your trade partners can easily repurpose it for their own campaigns.


Upload all the video!

The first rule of video marketing is: upload as much content as you can produce.

  • Watch the video below to see how easy it is to add YouTube videos to your listing.
  • You can also add multiple native videos in your Update Form.
  • Label each video, describe it, and credit the videographer.
  • Navigate to the WetuShare functionality on your Dashboard to distribute your video media directly to trade partners.
  • Your videos will display on the Gallery section of your iBrochure, on the Videos tab – native videos will appear first, followed by your YouTube videos.
  • Your trade partners will be able to download and repurpose your native videos, promoting your assets even further.
  • Your videos will also display wherever operators, DMCs or travel agents have included your product in their Wetu itineraries.
  • Copy the link to the Videos tab of your iBrochure to share it in a social media post.


Log in to your Dashboard and tell your product story by harnessing the power of video.

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