Both the travel landscape and the travel customer journey have transformed significantly over the past few years. With new tech and the rise of digital platforms, travellers now have a wealth of information – be it through websites, blogs, vlogs, and social media platforms – at their fingertips.

This evolution has naturally changed the way people research, plan and book their trips, and travel companies need to adapt to this.

Wetu’s new easy-to-use, content rich, destination-focused itinerary output has been developed with today’s traveller top of mind.

1. Content rich

The new itinerary output is rich with visual content, including beautiful images and videos, so operators and suppliers can differentiate themselves from their competitors – and stand out from the crowd. Travellers are visual beings and will often make emotional decisions based on images alone.

2. Destination-forward

No doubt about it, a strong itinerary celebrates a traveller’s desired destination in the most immersive way! Add unique features, attractions and experiences to tempt your traveller – and ensure they get the best out of their trip.

3. Map interactivity

A fully interactive map which includes accommodations, travel routes, points of interest, and travel details. The map provides a visual overview of the entire trip, making it easier for travellers to understand the layout of their journey and helps to optimise travel planning.

4. Visible brand representation

A Wetu must-have! Ensure your brand is immediately recognisable by incorporating your logo, brand colours and contact details in the itineraries created.

5. Fully mobile responsive

A no brainer. The fully mobile responsive interface means travellers can access trip information anywhere, anytime, and on any device. They can also share information and engage directly with you.

6. Intuitive user experience

The new itinerary output is quick and easy to navigate, with an intuitive user experience that instantly communicates top selling points.

7. Transport

The itinerary output includes a summary table of the travellers modes of transport. Travellers are now able to access essential information about travel and transport times quickly and easily, allowing them to make decisions and maximise their time at each destination.

8. Scheduled departures

Sample itineraries now clearly display scheduled departures in an easy-to-read table, helping potential travellers plan their trips more effectively. Additionally, enquiry buttons have also been added to your enquiry form or URL.

9.Showcasing expertise

The new itinerary output also allows you to showcase your own expertise – whether it’s on-the-ground-knowledge, local insights, personalised travel recommendations, customised tours or niche activities and excursions. In other words? Differentiate yourself from mass-produced itineraries with an interesting take on fascinating destinations.

10. Up-front pricing

Today’s travellers are looking for clear, up-front pricing – with zero hidden surprises. It makes sense too, transparent pricing (with no hidden fees) allows travellers to make informed decisions based on their budget while building trust and providing the traveller with increased peace of mind throughout the booking journey.

Wetu is committed to providing solutions that meet the needs of an ever-evolving travel industry. For Paul de Waal, founder and CEO of Wetu, the launch of the new output itinerary is an exciting chapter for Wetu:

The Discovery Itinerary Output is just the beginning of a new and improved customer experience that Wetu is excited to offer. It’s been developed in collaboration with clients, considering their current pain points – as well as their unique needs and challenges. We can’t wait for you to start engaging with it

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