As one of the final releases of 2023, the most requested enhancement to the Discovery Itinerary Output is here: Interactive maps!

It includes accommodations, travel routes, points of interest, and travel details. The map provides a visual overview of the entire trip, including travel times and durations, making it easier for travellers to understand the layout of their journey and optimise their planning.

Things to note:

1. Destination Gallery & Map tabs: To make sure the itinerary is content-rich, the destinations gallery will still appear first. Travellers now have the benefit of clicking on the Destinations Map to explore more.

2. Enhanced Routing Information: Empowers travellers with instant access to important information like travel times and durations so that they can optimise their time

3. Zoom functionality: Users have the choice to view their entire trip from a broader perspective or focus on a leg of the trip in detail

4. Interactive Map Elements: Elements such as the accommodations and points of interest are interactive to ensure the best possible user experience

We are grateful to all of those who collaborated with us through the development phase and offered honest feedback and valuable industry insight – this truly helped us build a solution that you need.

As we go into the New Year, we will continue to analyse the entire customer journey to reduce complexity, improve productivity and the ease of delighting your customers.

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