You spoke, we listened, and the results are officially here.

We know that you’re passionate about creating memorable experiences for your travellers. To do that, you need to convert your leads. And to do that, you need the right partner – Wetu.

To help you convert clients from “potential traveller” to “happy traveller”, we’ve set the first round of updates live on the Discovery Itinerary output This rollout includes experience-enhancing changes such as:

Transport time

On a trip, your client’s most valuable thing is time, so itineraries now include a summary table with details of all their modes of transport. (E.g., flights, car hire, cruises, and trains.)

Travellers are now able to access essential information about travel and transport times quickly and easily, allowing them to make informed decisions and maximise their time at each destination.

Scheduled departures

Ever lost a booking because potential travellers didn’t realise a trip had a set departure? No more!

Sample itineraries now clearly display scheduled departures in an easy-to-read table, helping potential travellers plan their trips more effectively. Additionally, enquiry buttons have also been added to your enquiry form or URL.

Desktop accessibility

We know that finding a physical hotel can sometimes be a little challenging. While we can’t help with that, we’ve made changes so that travellers don’t have to search for the accommodation tab, at least.

We’ve updated the desktop interface by removing styling from the accommodation menu tabs. There is now a default font colour making it easier to find, navigate, and access accommodation details.

Group size

While some travellers enjoy a group experience to sightsee with people from all around the globe, others prefer to keep it a family or friends affair.

To ensure clarity, group size and details are now displayed as part of the fast facts section on sample itineraries. Providing this information upfront allows travellers to make decisions that align with their preferences and expectations.

Mobile responsiveness

The final change for this rollout was made to improve travellers’ on-the-go experience.
Updates to the mobile version of the Discovery Itinerary include:

  • A seamless and easy-to-navigate itinerary menu
  • A less cluttered screen thanks to the removal of the meal plan legend
  • A more intuitive Fast Facts section

Ready to give your clients a seamless and transparent booking experience but aren’t a Digital Enterprise client? Reach out to to discuss signing up or upgrading your package so that you can explore the value-add of the Discovery Itinerary Output and the Wetu platform for yourself!

The first round of updates to the Discovery Itinerary output demonstrates the importance of customer feedback to us. We are dedicated to creating solutions that give you what you need and enhance your productivity. We can’t wait for you to experience these updates and look forward to bringing you more in the future.

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