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Why a top content score matters and how to get it

23 December 2021 0

Travel content is all about quality and quantity – if you rate your content highly, so will the trade! Your product listing is rated in…

How to market your product with Wetu

1 December 2021 0

What to do when you’re open for business but the cost of spreading the word makes your eyes water? Here’s the good news: you can…

The better your distribution, the more you sell

10 November 2021 0

Even the best content showcasing your product means nothing if nobody sees it. Gone are the days of paper-based distribution and USB sticks with outdated…

How to stand out among the competition

29 October 2021 0

Want to make your product more attractive to new business prospects? Many other brands in your destination are competing for the same business – it’s…

How content can show you care

30 May 2021 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You can express a lot of love for your loyal customers by asking them to share their most memorable experiences of…

Boost your marketing with virtual tours

23 February 2021 0

Here’s a helpful tip! With fam trips on hold around the world, it’s more helpful than ever to give your trade partners and future guests…

WetuShare your private Covid-19 notices

16 November 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! You may have some behind-the-scenes housekeeping details about your Covid-19 business compliance you only want to share with your trade partners,…

Show your business is Covid-19 ready

21 October 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! Implementing Covid-19 guidelines and precautions for your property, restaurant or activity is the first step – spreading the word to travellers…

Add a Covid-19 Notice to your content

1 October 2020 0

Here’s a helpful tip! As travel starts returning to some sectors, so the demand will grow for documented evidence of Covid-19 safety protocols in place…