Extend that awesome service you provide with friendly heads-up notifications during travel. The new Local Push Notifications feature on the TravelKey itinerary app enables you to notify clients of specific upcoming events in their itinerary – for departures, transfer pick ups, check in/out, etc. – prior to the event. Where you haven’t inserted specific times but the itinerary moves from one place to another the next day, they’ll still be notified of the destination or experience coming up to remind them of what they’re about to enjoy.📆

Push notification e.g.: Your adventure starts in [destination], [weather] expected.

Push notification e.g.: Tomorrow you will be checking into [accommodation name]. Find out more about your time in [destination] here.

Notifications are automatically scheduled for 19h00 local time⏲ and aren’t customisable at this stage. Your clients will feel like they’re getting personal attention from you and prompting them to return to the app to check their next day’s activities, helps guide them during travel. Contact support@wetu.com for some friendly assistance.

*Please note that TravelKey is available on the Digital Enterprise package only

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