This year we’re resolved to collaborate better and more effectively with our travel partners. One way to empower your Agents is to add their own branding onto the itineraries you build for them. It also does wonders for your bottom line 

Check that you have your Agent loaded in Admin as an Identity, with all the necessary information that makes them seem more personal and accessible to their clients. Follow this step-by-step guide and ensure you’ve got their logo, social media details and company video too. If they haven’t got any of those, encourage them to get it! Travellers want to know whom they’re dealing with.

Once loaded, you can select the Identity you want to brand an itinerary with directly from Tab 1 of your Itinerary Builder, under ‘Branding’. View the itinerary and it’ll have all your Agent’s details and branding on it. It just makes their proposals look that much more professional. Your awesome itinerary and their personal touch. Helping them sell better, helps you make more business. Contact us on if you need more assistance.

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