Content Marketing is showing the world you’re a rock star.💃🏾 Travellers want a comprehensive view of your products, values and personality behind the brand. After viewing your iBrochure content, they can connect to your Social Media (SM) platforms directly from there. Whatever SM profiles you’ve loaded in Admin under Company Details, the corresponding icons will appear at the base of your iBrochure. Click on them to re-route to the respective platforms.

Click the black bar to view an example & scroll all the way down.

They’ll see how you engage with travellers and the trade, see reviews from your clients, and equally engage with you in the live online space. Invite them to post their glowing reviews on your Facebook page, open Instagram contests for them to submit pictures taken in your destination, allow them to connect with and follow your Pinterest account, and make it easier for them to retweet Twitter posts to #shareyourstory further afield. Your Image Library may feature pics of your clients – they can access and download those and save or post on their own SM pages. Create an engaged community around your brand to instill the kind of confidence that generates repeat business and referrals! 👉🏾Poke for a bit of attention.

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