Quality Control your Specials before they go live

19 July 2016

You’re at the final stage of loading your Special – Check that all the correct information has been inserted in the correct fields. Any final…

Set your Special Validity & Travel Dates

12 July 2016

You have your Specials over specific dates for a good reason – you want to ensure that your Specials are properly applied over your chosen…

Guide users towards best application of your Specials

5 July 2016

Want to ensure that your Specials are applied and used correctly? You can detail the terms and conditions applicable to each special and also choose…

Get ready for the Specials Portal launch

7 June 2016

Tired of us telling you to put your Specials in Wetu? Well, we’re about to go live with the Specials Portal and tomorrow we’re doing…

Release Notes

18 April 2016

More exciting news from our side is that we’re releasing our new Specials feature. We’ve improved upon the way you manage your specials. The result…

Release Notes

11 April 2016

Exciting developments have been stirring over at Wetu. We’ve taken your feedback, put our heads together and come up with a few ways to make…