Itinerary Builder

Accommodation alternatives spice up your offering

30 May 2017 0

You want to provide your clients with some accommodation alternatives to choose from – they need and appreciate the maximum amount of detail on their…

Put your best content forward

23 May 2017 0

Beautiful interactive itineraries need engaging product content and 100% content rating is the sweet spot. The Itinerary Builder Accommodation tab has a drop-down menu that…

Cook up a tasty Component

16 May 2017 0

Got some culinary activities and/or seasonal food events to include in your offerings? Your clients want to experience your destination via their taste buds and you…

Personalise itineraries with the necessary detail

2 May 2017 0

The more detailed the itinerary, the richer it is, the better. Personalise your client itineraries with minimal effort and time. In the event that specific…

Getting from points A to B in detail

25 April 2017 0

You’re custom designing a tour that needs some hairsplitting detail on how to get from point A to point B. On your Route Builder tab,…

Make your itineraries multilingual

28 February 2017 0

Your clients want itineraries in their own languages. Maybe you want to expand your target market to other language groups – your Itinerary Builder can…

Get full value from your itinerary outputs

21 February 2017 0

Ensure you benefit fully from the valuable outputs available on your Itinerary Builder, designed to help you impress your clients even more and make their…

Get around the route of the problem

31 January 2017 0

You want to customise a self-drive experience for your client along a scenic route with interesting stops, one that’s different from what’s provided by Wetu….

To re-brand itineraries is to collaborate

24 January 2017 2

This year we’re resolved to collaborate better and more effectively with our travel partners. One way to empower your Agents is to add their own…