Itinerary Builder

Add Terms & Conditions per itinerary

24 October 2017 0

You may have Terms & Conditions that apply specifically to an itinerary/itineraries you’re selling and differ from your traditional company-wide T’s & C’s. Maybe you’re building…

Manage car hire better on your itineraries

10 October 2017 0

You want to add and keep multiple Car Hire details separate, clear and easy to manage. Take note of the days allocated to Self Drive, for e.g….

Smarter itinerary searches in the new Itinerary Builder

26 September 2017 0

Need to find an existing itinerary to work on or send to a client, but a colleague built it and you don’t know what it’s…

Operator Webinar – Introducing our new Itinerary Builder

20 September 2017 0

Building itineraries is a big part of your daily work. In this webinar, we’re proud to offer you some major improvements to help you work…

Adding Overnight Travel to your client itinerary

12 September 2017 0

Add Overnight Travel to your client itinerary in logical sequence: in the Itinerary Builder you can add single or multiple nights, with or without dates. Start…

5 HOT Tips to service your traveller better

30 August 2017 0

There’s plain jane standard customer service and then there’s kick-ass holistic travel service that provides for every possible need. Travellers have changed and the nature…

Keep tech savvy clients on track with TravelKey

11 July 2017 0

Your tech savvy clients don’t want to cart a pile of paper docs, maps and vouchers around during travel. Give them TravelKey, the itinerary app…

Check who’s checking you out

27 June 2017 0

You want to know that your itineraries are being viewed and considered, so that you can gauge the level of interest in your various destinations…

Add your personal touch with free text

20 June 2017 0

Got any special, unique events or perhaps a festival happening while your clients are visiting a particular destination?There may be seasonal attractions or once-off activities…