Itinerary Builder

Customising your preferred supplier content

26 June 2018 0

You want to use your preferred suppliers for your client itineraries but some of their content doesn’t quite support the experience you’re trying to sell….

Release Notes

18 June 2018 0

We greet the half-year mark bearing gifts!🎁There’s a useful new functionality and some clever enhancements to get you generating even more impressive client proposals. Feast…

With minimal work, do multiple quotes with one itinerary

12 June 2018 0

You’ve designed the perfect experience but your client asks to be quoted on different accommodation options. Create a few proposals based on different star graded…

Saving your work in the Itinerary Builder

29 May 2018 0

The last thing you want is to lose hours of work because it wasn’t saved properly! 🏗 When you start a new itinerary, name it,…

Keep track of your bookings by Status

15 May 2018 0

For your own sanity and efficiency, manage the booking Status of your tours in the Itinerary Builder. Once the client initiates the buying journey with…

Bring some Business Intelligence into your work space

24 April 2018 0

Put your destination expertise, costing research, product and client knowledge together, and you’ve got some valuable collective Business Intelligence. Share it efficiently to support your…

3 Business Intelligence tricks for success

12 April 2018 0

Being smart about selling travel is as much about how you work as what you sell. The more productive your team is, the more clients…

Date your Personal Itinerary Planner details

10 April 2018 0

Getting into the nitty gritty of a meaty itinerary can cause some details to get lost along the way.🌁When you’re planning a few activities over…

Give your printable itinerary directions in detail

27 March 2018 0

You’ve created an exciting road trip for your client with a self-drive portion. Help them plan and manage their travel time better by giving them…