Itinerary Builder

Define Transfers more clearly in your Route Builder

30 August 2016

You’re plotting the routing of a client itinerary and want to define the modes of transport more clearly. It may not be enough to just…

Give your Agents the option of an unbranded itinerary

16 August 2016

Your awesome Digital Itinerary is ready to be sold, but your Agent prefers it your without branding. Ordinarily itineraries have place holders for whatever identity…

Empower your agents with the Agent Access option

21 June 2016

You’ve built a fabulous itinerary and now you’re ready to hand it over to your agent. You can give them Agent Access to further customise…

Operator Webinar: Revolutionising the way you use Specials

8 June 2016 0

In this webinar for Tour Operators/DMCs/Agents, we present the Specials Portal. It’s a streamlined, user-friendly system for accommodation suppliers to aggregate, manage and distribute their specials,…