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Serve up key itinerary details with TravelKey

19 September 2017 0

Service your tech savvy client with the content most relevant to them in the most convenient format possible.📲The TravelKey itinerary app gives them easy access…

5 HOT Tips to service your traveller better

30 August 2017 0

There’s plain jane standard customer service and then there’s kick-ass holistic travel service that provides for every possible need. Travellers have changed and the nature…

Give travellers all contact details on TravelKey

1 August 2017 0

Give your client the confidence and reassurance they need to hit the road with all their essential Contacts on TravelKey. The itinerary app gives them…

Practical travel info via TravelKey

25 July 2017 0

Your client needs practical advice on the destination(s) they’re visiting pre- and during travel, and you can give it to them on their mobile device…

Give your client social bragging rights with TravelKey

18 July 2017 0

What you put in, your client can get out there for you. Their TravelKey Trip Summary gives them a quick glance at the goodies you have planned…

Keep tech savvy clients on track with TravelKey

11 July 2017 0

Your tech savvy clients don’t want to cart a pile of paper docs, maps and vouchers around during travel. Give them TravelKey, the new itinerary…