Quick content links to follow up your trade show meetings

26 September 2017 0

Visiting a trade show? You know that days or even weeks can pass before you have the time to follow up on all those good…

Empower the trade with your content updates

12 September 2017 0

When you’ve updated and refreshed your content, make sure your trade partners know it. There are 2 key ways your content updates will empower them.💪…

All roads lead to your property

15 August 2017 0

Make your property easier to pick ahead of the competition with detailed directions from multiple locations. Anyone looking at your iBrochure can play around with…

Empowering Agents with your iBrochure

1 August 2017 0

You want to make it easier for your Agents to sell your products. Your iBrochure has the capacity to carry your Agent’s branding and documentation…

How to choose your words for travel writing

27 June 2017 0

The word is out. Modern travellers and your trade partners that sell your products have had it! They’re tired of old-fashioned clichés, bored with long-winded…

Configure your room types

27 June 2017 0

Your gorgeous images tell the story – now add some detail to outline the most suitable rooming options available. Operators/DMCs building itineraries in Wetu need…

Share your content on social platforms

20 June 2017 0

Leverage the power of social media to build brand awareness among your desired audience. All the juicy content you manage in Wetu can be repurposed…

Get your piece of the Facebook action

13 June 2017 0

Facebook is one of the most popular social apps used by Millennial travellers. Displaying your product content on Facebook for your share of the action….

Manage your Digital Catalogue content

30 May 2017 0

You want to provide travellers with as much info on your property/product and location as possible, including all activities and experiences available to visitors –…