Content Management

How to start the new year right with content

16 January 2018 0

Ensure a prosperous new working year with these 3 resolutions to work smarter with travel content.🤑 Plan to expand your target market – visit Content…

Distribute your content with the Embed Widget

31 October 2017 0

The Embed Widget is a super efficient way to distribute your content further than any paper brochure or memory stick can.🌎 Save yourself hours battling to get…

5 HOT Tips to service your traveller better

30 August 2017 0

There’s plain jane standard customer service and then there’s kick-ass holistic travel service that provides for every possible need. Travellers have changed and the nature…

Content lessons to teach your Suppliers

29 August 2017 0

You understand how content sells travel, and great visual, interactive content sells the best. Get more of that into your sales and cut out the…

Content lessons to teach your clients

22 August 2017 0

You want to maintain the integrity of your product content and stay in control of how the world views and uses it. Cut out the…

Growing global collaborations for Suppliers in Wetu

28 July 2017 0

Any business worth its salt and good sense would celebrate growth and expansion. For us it means we get to do a better job of…

Manage your content & rule

25 April 2017 0

You’ve done well to load your content and achieve 100% rating Now make sure you check what it looks like from the user point of view….

Wetu goes to WTM Africa 2017

18 April 2017 0

The travel trade is getting into gear, as excited as Team Wetu at an Easter Egg hunt (actually that was just a scary spectacle), to Meet…

6 Content Pains you need never suffer again

30 March 2017 0

Content may be king, yes, but it can be a royal pain in the you-know-what to manage if you don’t have a good system to use….