Content Management

Customising your preferred supplier content

26 June 2018 0

You want to use your preferred suppliers for your client itineraries but some of their content doesn’t quite support the experience you’re trying to sell….

Boost your sales with some Solo Specials

19 June 2018 0

Operators and Travel Agents may be looking for something valuable to add to their solo client proposals – that’s another huge trend gaining momentum..📈 If…

How to add new supplier products to the system

19 June 2018 0

The more of your preferred supplier products we have loaded in our system, the better for you – the quality of your proposals, your efficiency…

Release Notes

18 June 2018 0

We greet the half-year mark bearing gifts!🎁There’s a useful new functionality and some clever enhancements to get you generating even more impressive client proposals. Feast…

Make it easy for operators to filter & find your products

29 May 2018 0

Increase the chances of your products being used in Wetu itineraries. The Operator/DMC/Agent Consultant Portal features a filtering system that helps them find the products…

Bring some Business Intelligence into your work space

24 April 2018 0

Put your destination expertise, costing research, product and client knowledge together, and you’ve got some valuable collective Business Intelligence. Share it efficiently to support your…

9 Content Tricks to get Operators using your products

20 April 2018 0

Operators, DMCs and Travel Agents form an important segment of the audience you market to. They can promote your brand and re-sell your products even…

TOP 4 Business Benefits of a Content Central listing

21 February 2018 0

You are preferred supplier to some, super sub to others. It’s the dance you do with the travel trade in your bid to become first…

10 Steps to rule with COMPETITIVE CONTENT

15 February 2018 0

In travel, Content sells. What makes your brand 1st choice for the sale is eye-catching, stand-apart, fresh and memorable content. Competitive content plays with travellers’…