For this installment in getting your iBrochures rocking your best content ever, we consider size and shape. Take control of your images, so that we can avoid having trade partners who want to sell your products grumble about iBrochure pics that don’t impress or inspire.

  • The best image resolution is as close to 1MB as possible, no lower than 300KB.
  • Upload those hi-res images in a size >2MP for optimal clarity.
  • Landscape images feature better in your iBrochure than the portrait format.
  • Carefully choose your Splash page image (that goes onto the front cover of your iBrochure) as this is what showcases your brand. Crop it 2:1 for best fit.
  • Select your Cover images carefully (or Wetu will choose them for you) and decide how you want your general image gallery, rooms and videos represented inside the iBrochure.

Select the best and make your choices count. You, your client and operators who sell your product(s) all win! If you need any help, is at your beck and call.

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