Generate bigger revenue for your business with Supplier Specials and pass the value onto your clients. Aging, expired or assorted specials scattered all over, in files, on your computer, pamphlets here, flash disks there, and the rest on various supplier websites, the old ways just don’t work. The Specials Portal presents aggregated specials in one targeted, focused format.

Organised and easy to access, your one-stop Specials shop conveniently enables you to compare specials from different suppliers to find the right one for the right client at the right time. ⏲Search criteria include dates, region, type, and special interest. The Specials button on your dashboard gets you access to all specials created by Wetu suppliers, starting with the most recently loaded one. Make your choice and add the item as per normal in your Itinerary Builder.

For a quick view, Content Central offers direct links to all the Specials loaded by a property. If your preferred suppliers are lagging behind, urge them to put it in so you waste no more time sifting through piles of generic special offers. Contact if you need help.

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