The experiences you sell are versatile!🎲Work some creative mojo into promoting your products and market your destination better with your Digital Catalogues. You can showcase your varied experiences with these Marketing options:

  • Collaborate with another supplier partner and produce a co-branded catalogue to jointly promote your offerings.
  • Produce catalogues themed according to special interests, seasonal events, and current trends like local living, adventure, responsible, photography, culinary tourism, etc.
  • Group iBrochures together by geography – by region, country or city – for focused destination marketing.
  • Create catalogues based on star grading for more effective marketing to budget, mid-range or luxury travellers

Click here to brush up on how to create a catalogue. You can even put 2 or more Digital Catalogues together into a Rack to combine themes for clients interested in both destination and luxury options, for example.🍯 It gets your products represented everywhere on a single link, dressed up in different ways to appeal to different markets. Contact us on for assistance.

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