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Your March gift, with love from Wetu

1 March 2020 0

This month, we’re celebrating a Supplier client whose content makes us want to go there right now. We imagine ourselves all calm, cool and relaxed,…

Customise your itinerary landing page images

25 February 2020 0

You don’t always want the same cover image or gallery of images appearing on an itinerary landing page in exactly the same order every time…

Helping trade partners sell your products better

25 February 2020 0

Not all your content is for travellers – there’s loads of info operators, DMCs and agents need to sell your products better. They have a…

Release Notes

19 February 2020 0

If you ever wished you could change up those images on your itinerary landing pages, we’ve got good news! Developed for your convenience: Custom Landing…

Add word power to your content

18 February 2020 0

Complement the imagery used to tell your story and boost your iBrochure rating with concise wording that hooks your reader and appeals to the senses.🎣…

Control your printable default settings in Admin

18 February 2020 0

By now you know you’ve got lots more flexibility to customise the way your printed client docs look. Start strong by selecting the options that…

Release Notes

12 February 2020 0

If you’ve been wondering what we’ve got up our sleeves, let’s get straight to the PRINT. Our Dev Team has given Wetu printables a new…

Sustaining the business of tourism this year

4 February 2020 0

Tourism trends glistening on the horizon offer up opportunities to sustain your business. It goes beyond responsible and green travel. Sustainability is about tapping into…

Go bespoke with this year’s travel trends

3 February 2020 0

What does it mean to travel better in 2020? Taking into consideration conscience, motivation and special interests, this year’s trends signal a clear shift toward…

A fab February gift to you from Wetu

1 February 2020 0

We continue as we’ve started our new year of plenty, celebrating Supplier clients whose content makes us want to go there right now. We imagine…

Manage your content & rule

28 January 2020 0

You’ve done well to load your content and work towards a 100% rating. Now check what it looks like from the user point of view….

Adding train routes to your itineraries

28 January 2020 0

With mobile accommodation by rail growing in popularity, you might want to include a train journey on your client itinerary. You have a choice of…