You’ve built a fabulous itinerary and now you’re ready to hand it over to your agent. They’d like to further customise the itinerary before presenting it to their client, to put their own stamp on it. You can give them Agent Access to easily make limited changes to the itinerary without their having a Wetu login. Give us the go-ahead and we’ll enable this option on your account.

When you view the final step of your Itinerary Builder, you will see an ‘Agent Access’ button instead of the usual itinerary link. Click on it and forward this link to your agent. They can access the Itinerary Details, Route Builder and Review tabs. Click on this link to see what Agent Access looks like. Any changes made by the agent at this stage will overwrite the existing details and will be saved on the itinerary as such in your account.

Feel free to contact us on for assistance.

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