Show your content some love by adding video to your listing Good content strategy means not only saying your products rock, but also showing it. And moving images move audiences. Get videos shot of your property/product showing real people engaging with the product, not just pretty landscapes. Travellers want to see themselves in the story your content tells.

Your iBrochure is equipped to host YouTube videos. Invest in a bit of professional video art or enchant viewers with some of your own honest, unpolished first-hand accounts of the experiences you offer. Simply copy the individual video (url) link directly from YouTube, paste it into the space provided on the Content page, label and describe it nicely, and save. It’s this easy. Add as many videos as you can – travellers and operators will love you for giving them different perspectives of your offerings; it’ll make your brand far more memorable than your competitors’.

Video boosts your iBrochure content rating, putting you ever closer to that prized 100% Feel free to contact us on for help. We’re not film critics – we just know what travellers want.

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