Your clients want itineraries in their own languages. Maybe you want to expand your target market to other language groups – your Itinerary Builder can produce itinerary outputs in multiple languages.

Wetu translates the framework and when you select a translation into whatever language you’ve loaded content in Admin, your itinerary will then reflect that translation. Let’s take you through the steps. You can translate content via the Customise Destination and Customise Description features, and you can translate Supplier names. Wetu also offers an iBrochure Translation Service, so do encourage your preferred Suppliers to make use of it if there’s a particular language group that you frequently target. Forward them this guide.

Once the content in your language of choice is ready, open the new or existing itinerary and click on the Language drop down menu on tab 1. Select, save and send. Your non-English-speaking clients will love you for it. Contactez-nous on if you need help or just want to tell us muchas gracias.

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