You know your content should be visible, accessible and shareable on social networking platforms. Why? It empowers travellers, members of your community and fan club to share their love for your products. Facebook is a major source of travel inspiration – use the space to engage users and invite them to recommend your page and brand. Post individual pics and updates on what’s happening in-destination and the latest news from your staff and local community. Use your time to cultivate your Facebook friendships. BUT: let the Wetu Facebook App do the work of showing off your actual product content!🃏


Each time you make changes to your content in Wetu, those updates pull through to your Facebook page automatically. Follow this guide to set it up easily. Once it’s there, it will require no extra work from you! Ensure your iBrochure contains imagery of all your activities, room types, restaurants, etc. so that your Facebook visitors can view your latest content, dream and enquire about your products, and book!🏝Contact if you need help.

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