Be well prepared with all the necessary travel product content ready to use when you want to build an itinerary. Planning a new one or tweaking an existing one for a new client? You may require alternatives to accommodation unavailable on the dates you need. Perhaps you want to check the extent/depth of a supplier’s content before selecting it for your client itinerary (or not).

Click on the View Product Content button on your Dashboard. On the left will be a list of all suppliers listed in Wetu. Use the search filter to narrow your search to country or destination, highlight the product you wish to view, and its content appears on the right, comprehensive and detailed. Choose the one(s) you want to use in your itinerary, safe in the knowledge that the info and images are to your satisfaction; or use the opportunity to ask your preferred supplier to update their content where necessary. You’ll also be able to see quickly if a property is closed.

So you keep your finger on the pulse of supplier product content easily and painlessly, without having to pick up a phone or write an email for a content enquiry.And get on with the important business of building your awesome itinerary!

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