Keep your busy day running smoothly while you’re working in Wetu with these housekeeping reminders

  • Request a new destination/product entry – double check it isn’t already in the system, especially if there are different ways to spell its name; email your request to and copy a contact from the product company so they know they’re being loaded in Wetu. Provide us with the name of the point, country/area location, website link and GPS coordinates. We’ll notify you once it’s ready for use.
  • Access our Microsoft Excel Pricing Spreadsheet – while ours is not a quoting system, you can work out the costing of your itinerary on here, purely to save time and reduce error. Download, edit, save and file it as the hard copy of your quote. Remember we do offer integrations with tour operator quoting software (e.g. Tourplan) to give you the best of both worlds, but contact to find out more about this and other integrations.
  • Status Update – New to Wetu, check this page if something goes wrong with your system because of an outage on our side. See which parts of our service are operational (and the extent) or Subscribe to Updates for emailed notifications once issues are resolved.

Now get back to the important and more fun parts of your job! We’re here to serve, so drop us line if you need help

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