The higher your content rating, the more favourable your products are to operators looking for suppliers in your area. Represent your brand with the right emphasis on the content type that best describes your offerings. Today’s tip covers 2 new content rating categories. Not sure which your product(s) fall under? Ask This guide will help you optimise:

The ideal content for category 3⃣ Train, Mobile Accommodation, Cruise Ship, Houseboat, Luxury Yacht, Riverboat, or River Cruise breaks down like this: Description 5%; Images (10 images all over 2MP) 40%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 10%; Room/Villa/Unit/Cabin Types 10%; Activities 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%.

The ideal content for category 4⃣ Game Reserve, Resort, Lodge, Luxury Tented Camp, Private Safari Lodge, Tented Camp or Safari Lodge breaks down like this: Description 5%; Images (18 images all over 2MP) 30%; Video 5%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 5%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 5%; Activities 10%; Specials 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting there (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5%.

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