You’ve made some changes to your content – you refreshed or rearranged images, information, added a new video or virtual tour, etc. In 3 simple ways you ensure that your partners in Trade are always automatically directed to your updated content.

  1. iBrochure Link – you can send the link of your iBrochure/s to all of your Operators and Agents. This way they can click on the link and directly access your latest content.
  2. Content Portal – Trade partners visiting the Wetu website can access your iBrochure and images at Content Central. Everyone has free access to this page – they don’t have to be our client.
  3. Inside Wetu – Any registered user of the Wetu system can access your content from their Wetu Dashboard via the iBrochure Search or in their Itinerary Builder (example itinerary).

Isn’t it awesome that you don’t have to let everyone know every single time you make changes to your content? It’s all there in one spot, automatically available to the world. Contact us on if you have any questions.

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