The new Supplier Content Rating system enables you to represent your brand more accurately according to the category we’ve identified you to fit into, as it suits your content type better. Today’s tip is for 2 of those categories; if you’re not sure which your product(s) fall under, check with Follow this guide and get ready to maximise your rating:

The ideal content for category 1⃣Apartment, Apartment/Villa, Self-CateringBackpacker, Villa, Campsite, Caravan Park, or Rest Camp breaks down as follows: Description 5%; Images (6 images all over 2MP) 55%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 10%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting there (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5% 

The ideal content for category 2⃣Bed & Breakfast, Boutique Hotel, Country House, Hotel or Guest House breaks down as follows: Description 5%; Images (10 images all over 2MP) 35%; Video 5%; Fast Facts 5%; Facilities 5%; Room/Villa/Unit Types 10%; Specials 10%; Documents 10%; Contact Details 10%; Getting There (Directions, Airfields, Physical Address) 5%.

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