As cheesy as cheddar, it nonetheless rolls off the tongue with a fun promise of plenty. There’s a routine to get into if you plan on abundance in 2020. In the spirit of new beginnings and living better lives, let’s keep our eyes on the prize (and rhyming assonance) by reflecting on the assets you want in abundance. Adopt some healthy habits to get your business in tip-top shape, with good karma rippling prosperity throughout the new decade.

Time It slips through the fingers when you’re not vigilant. Get into the habit of saving as much of it as you can sustain. May you have plenty of time to develop existing and new products, and client relationships.

Trim the fat

Get your business in shape by streamlining your work processes this year. You can start by cutting down on the time it takes to design and generate proposals. Send them out faster to clients and respond faster to enquiries or queries. Quickly edit and iron out itinerary details, and confirm those reservations.

Increase output, not workload!

Putting all your time and energy into building a once-off, knock-out itinerary, only to repeat the process over and again with each enquiry, has no place in 2020. If your collateral can’t be repurposed, it’s not worth your time. Copy it, reverse it, share it with colleagues and partners, embed it on websites, translate it, reinvent it through customised themes, and take back control over time.

Knowledge and Expertise You know and I know, in travel it’s all about who you know and what you know. Exercise constructive sharing and caring to get your team working in synch. May you have abundant destination knowledge and product expertise.

Share the goods

Get everyone on board with your brand’s regime by sharing what you know and ensuring the good stuff in your head is accessible to everyone on your team; and vice versa. Like fiber to digestion, it keeps your proposals consistent and professional-looking.

Stay on trend

Fear of missing out is a major travel motivation feeding the wanderlust of travellers worldwide. Conduct research on what’s popular and trendy, then incorporate it in your offerings. From destinations to activities, tour types and special interests, it’s good practice to stay clued up on what’s being talked about. It’s your business to know what travellers are raving about or warning against on social media.

What’s up with your product suppliers?

Life happens to everyone – climate, politics, economics and other dull realities – including your preferred accommodation, restaurant and activity suppliers. Old news is bad news in travel; so make a habit of checking in with them. Is it business as usual, do they have anything special or new on offer this year? Maybe they have fresh marketing material for you to use, or juicier commissions to pay!

Content On tap at your fingertips, in detail and comprehensive, is how you need travel content, abundantly. Beautiful, highly-visual and interactive is how your traveller wants it, abundantly. May you have plenty of digital travel content that sells your destination(s) better.

No pain, just gain

Like touching your toes after a good stretch, it should be easy to reach. Searching through a mishmash of online content in lots of different places is so last decade. Get into the habit of accessing the right piece of content in the right place when you’re crafting itineraries and new tour products. 1 touchpoint for all your content needs.

More is the new more

From access to excess, you want choices, alternatives, translations, more info on old favourites you can use to tempt the traveller. More and better-quality pictures, more emotive product videos, more voyeuristic virtual tours, more in-depth descriptions, all add a touch of luxury to your routine and service, and your client’s buying experience.

Innovative Tools Those sparkly tech-infused business accessories that make you more efficient at work and make you look so good.. Your business needs a healthy injection of smart technology to differentiate its service from other similar brands. May your tech savvy, progressive reputation reach global travellers and trade members in abundance.

All aboard the tech express

Tourism is like the party bus all the cool kids took on New Year’s Eve – you wanted to join in and collaborate with your tech-forward trade partners. As for the tech savvy travellers we’ve always described as a growing minority, they no longer are. They live online, comparing travel brands on service and convenience. Both prefer to deal with cutting-edge, progressive brands. Wear your innovations with pride and let the world know you’re open for business.

Cultivate better tech habits

From laying your content foundations to the way you create and distribute your products, from developing skills within your team to the way you engage with travellers, you want to incorporate a routine that’s mindful of technology. Get into the habit of organising your business intelligence and sales collateral to enable easier access for all. It serves your team and your clients. A tech savvy culture gets everyone in your community comfortable with the digital way of travel to embrace further developments.

Prospects and Conversions For all the joy you want to spread around helping people travel more this year and beyond, the sale is where the buck stops. Speedy service, mouthwatering content, professionally-crafted products and digital convenience, combine persuasively to take them from looking to buying. May you have plenty of new and repeat sales prospects.

All-in-one package

Spoil them, spoon-feed them, whatever it’s called, give travellers every reason to buy from you and none to look elsewhere. An end-to-end service should cover all their content, logistical, pre- and during-travel needs, with post-travel follow-ups and engagement on social media. If it’s easier with you and memorable in a good way, they’ll stick with you and recommend you.

Speak simpatico

As the world moves away from everything in English, get your content into the habit of speaking multiple languages. You can attract more agents that service multilingual travellers and expose your products to markets you have never accessed before. There’s a better conversion rate and higher returns on investment in store for when you reinvent your existing tour products and create new sales opportunities.

Competitive Edge With the advent of a new year and decade, you’ll feel the urge to expand, improve and scale up. When you’ve got time, knowledge and expertise, content, sales prospects and innovative tools in abundance, that’s your leap of faith justified.

Serve better, sell better

Trends come and go but experiential tourism has been consistently important to travellers from one decade into the next. Get into the habit of meeting the demand for a superior travel buyer journey and empower your sophisticated client with the personalised experience they expect. All the little extras that exceed their expectations, develop relationships, show your expertise and the humanity in your brand, should be standard practice. They believe they’re paying you for it.

Serve more, sell more

The more enquiries you can respond to, the more money you make. And the more staff you can employ (and employ more effectively). Opportunities to expand and scale up your operations exist within the time you save and your prolific work rate. Get into the habit of producing good quality proposals quickly – abundantly – and get more proposals out to attract more prospective sales.

I sense a change in the air: people seem less keen to make resolutions for the new year, and more inclined to act. Just like you’d need an exercise programme to reach your fitness goals, there’s a routine at work that activates abundance. Here’s wishing you and your business a year (and decade) of 2020 plenty.🍾


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