At the end of a bustling year in travel, towards a new travel culture with content and service – ’tis the season to be jolly!🎄We summarise the year’s best content practices with the top 5 wins for travellers. In the countdown to their year-end escape (or that sneaky break-away early in the new year when everyone’s back at work), let’s celebrate how your content and service bring travellers worldwide closer to their dream trips.

5 Search and ye shall find (online)

That’s because you’ve put your expertise, market research and inspiring travel content together into a tour package that represents exactly what they want to experience on their next trip, in digital format in the online space.

When it looks this good, the traveller can’t help but say, “WOW, I wanna go NOW!” And that goes for any destination around the world.. If digital content is a service, then digital distribution is service on steroids. It puts your content wherever travellers seek inspiration, responsive to whatever mobile device they do their travel research on. It empowers travellers to flex their decision-making muscles whether they’re accessing your content in a digital itinerary, inside a digital catalogue, embedded on a website, on Facebook, or from clicking a hyperlink sent by email or Whatsapp. It leaves no room for instant gratification to hide or for #FOMO to creep in.

4 It looks so good because it is that good

That’s because the content you’ve included in the client proposal is both relevant and comprehensive.

It’s relevant because you took the time to understand your client’s needs and special interest, you’ve made the effort to select their products and services accordingly, and personalised the experience. It’s comprehensive because everything they could possibly wonder about and everything you know about their destination and the experience they desire, has been entirely and accurately covered. End-to-end, no Meet & Greet, transfer, niche activity, dining option or stone unturned, with all this detail conveniently organised, easy-to-use in your Consultant Portal. And when you’ve told your story of the traveller and the dream in a customised proposal, with unique bells and whistles, then you’ve got a match made for travel with an exclusive twist in the tale.😉

3 Access for all (et tout le monde)

That’s because you’ve provided 2 of the most reassuring services one can offer the modern traveller counting down to their year-end trip: access to their consultant (you) and access to content they can understand fully.

What makes your itinerary content available in different global languages is the efficiency of Machine Translations – done once for repeated future use, with minimal manual tweaking required. What makes you more accessible to your client, are the direct messaging options available on your digital itineraries and itinerary app. Any questions they have about their itinerary, like alternative accommodation options or recommended activities, can be addressed directly from it! Your service extends to TravelKey as soon as you’ve shared the itinerary mobile app code with your client – they can contact you before or during travel, straight from their mobile phone.

2All you need is CLICK!

A mouse, a stylus pen or even just a swipe of the finger is all your client needs to feel empowered in their travel research, planning, decision-making and preparation. That’s because interactive content offers choices and presents the inspiration required to take informed action.

Your visually-stimulated traveller (regardless of language preference) engages with your product content and brand for longer because you’ve grabbed their attention with high-resolution pictures, videos and virtual tours of destinations and experiences that interest them. They choose what content trail to follow by clicking on hyperlinked pictures and text for more info. They can click to contact you, complete your enquiry form or book the itinerary they’re looking at, even visit your social media pages.

1 The gift of Time

All they want for Christmas is more time for family, fun and rest. You give them time when you save them time.

They’ve got shorter waits between enquiry, response and follow-up queries because you’re able to quickly generate, amend and send proposals. They’ve also got immediate access to their itineraries and travel info on whatever smart device they use, because your content is mobile-responsive and any changes you make are automatically updated. Less time wasted searching for info, waiting for manual updates, stressing the small stuff and essential details. Just a seamless service of content in the countdown to travel time!

So much travel, so much competition for business, but just a few sure fire ways to make your client’s holiday. Thanks to you, they’re winning with search, inspiration, access, engagement and time! There’s a new travel culture evolving before our eyes with content and service at the heart of it. Put yours centre stage and make the traveller the star of the show.

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