You want to maintain the integrity of your product content and stay in control of how the world views and uses it. Cut out the pain usually associated with travel content research and make it super easy for your content to be found. You must teach your trade partners, staff members and agents how to access your content most conveniently. They must all know:

  • where to find your content – in Content Central or in your iBrochure(s)
  • you will update, translate and manage it yourself
  • updates/changes are instantly visible to them
  • they don’t need to nag you with constant content requests
  • it’ll never take as long to access your content as sharing large image files, Dropbox or flash disks does
  • to use this resource as their go-to home of your best digital content available
  • they’ve got access any time, from any where in the world

It may be hard for some to drop the old ways of doing things. All it takes is for you to teach your clients what a simple system it is and how much easier you’ve made content for them. Then watch the penny drop!🙇

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