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What Wetu’s doing in Latin America (for you)

20 November 2017 0

One sexy continent, a million sights to see, a lifetime of memorable experiences. Whatever they desire, there’s a destination to suit every traveller’s needs. History,…

Wetu warriors strike again!

24 October 2017 0

On Saturday, 21st October, Team Wetu dispatched a motley crew of utter nuts off to Meerendal in the Western Cape to drag the Wetu colours…

Wetu Stories Part V

24 October 2017 0

You know you’re winning when your staff is passionate enough about your brand to stay loyal through the early start-up period with its teething issues…

Wetu goes to ITB Asia & WTM London 2017

20 October 2017 0

Wetu has gone global. It’s true. We’re visiting major international trade shows to spread the word further. In business terms, Wetu is on a high…

Wetu Stories Part IV

27 September 2017 0

Resources and systems, essential components of the machine that drives the way you work. We’re all about smoothing the rough edges and streamlining the processes…

The Heritage of Team Wetu (so far)..

26 September 2017 0

September is Heritage month in South Africa – it’s also Tourism month but we’re always celebrating travel and tourism anyway. Team Wetu’s diversity manifested in…

Wetu Stories Part III

31 August 2017 0

We totally advocate portraying the humanity behind a company – putting your company video out there, introducing your staff to the world, the ones who…

What Team Wetu gets up to when nobody’s looking..

4 August 2017 0

Behind the tech, the outstanding service and love of travel, beats one giant Wetu heart. We’re only human, we swear, and we’re proud of our…

Wetu Stories Part II

31 July 2017 0

In our business, Time is like a red hot sports car: it represents luxury, speed and pleasure.Team Wetu’s gone Ferrari from 7 to 50 members…