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When the Mobile demands attention, do you say yay or nay?

20 May 2016 0

Just before the turn of the millennium, I started travelling, having the time of my life. My memories of that time are recorded in part…

The Traveller goes Mobile

3 May 2016 0

Back in the day, a traveller was a pioneer, an explorer, braving the uncharted unknowns, recording experiences in a travel journal to be shared months…

Accommodating Technology

18 April 2016 0

I suppose there are isolated parts of the world where you can exist independently of technology. With a sharp machete, you can hack through the…

How to crack the Technology nut

4 April 2016 0

If you’re reading this, you’ve clicked on a hyperlink to access this page on your digital device. You could be anywhere (with Internet access of…

The Currency of Experience

15 March 2016 0

A Chilean friend visited me last year and realised her dream of experiencing a taste of Africa. She brought her 10 year old daughter along…

Year of the Experience

29 February 2016 0

Travel is all about experience and emotion. I once saw a volcano erupting in the distance – it was an exhilarating sight. I’ve always wanted…

Connecting the dots

15 February 2016 0

Travel is exactly like Valentine’s Day with its high expectations, money spent, hopes raised and dashed. It boils down to supply and demand. Not very…

Everything is Connected

1 February 2016 0

February is the month of Love and right now I’m thinking of a love triangle close to my heart… yours too. It’s no ordinary love…

Not just a pretty face

18 January 2016 0

Whenever I travel somewhere on holiday, I try not to do too much planning – I like a measure of spontaneity in my travels. But…