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In the Eye of the Storm

6 April 2020 2

Most of us work in travel because we love this industry.  Whether we are in hospitality, tourism or transportation, we share a passion for destinations…

Travel tech trends for the year ahead

2 March 2020 0

No part of your business is untouched by technology – the way you implement it takes its cue from trends in travel consumption. 2020 has…

Technology trends toward better travel

1 March 2020 0

Consumer trends in technology directly impact the new reality of better travel experiences. While we monitor the course of COVID-19, we reflect, plan and prepare….

Sustaining the business of tourism this year

4 February 2020 0

Tourism trends glistening on the horizon offer up opportunities to sustain your business. It goes beyond responsible and green travel. Sustainability is about tapping into…

Go bespoke with this year’s travel trends

3 February 2020 0

What does it mean to travel better in 2020? Taking into consideration conscience, motivation and special interests, this year’s trends signal a clear shift toward…

Kindness is your key to plenty in 2020

3 January 2020 0

It takes less energy to be kind and there’s no better time for it than the start of a year that rhymes with ‘plenty’. After…

Get in shape for a year (or decade) of 20plenty

2 January 2020 2

As cheesy as cheddar, it nonetheless rolls off the tongue with a fun promise of plenty. There’s a routine to get into if you plan…

5 Festive iBrochure wins for travellers & the trade

2 December 2019 0

As with any gift, it’s so much fun to unwrap and enjoy it, but the real charm lies in sharing it! That’s the story of…

Counting down the year’s top 5 wins for the traveller

1 December 2019 0

At the end of a bustling year in travel, towards a new travel culture with content and service – ’tis the season to be jolly!🎄We…