Get your content updates to the trade

22 November 2016 0

You’ve made some changes to your content – you refreshed or rearranged images, information, added a new video or virtual tour, etc. In 3 simple…


Rearrange & Reverse itineraries for efficiency

22 November 2016 0

You’ve got the perfect itinerary and component options to copy for a new client’s itinerary but there are some availability issues and a few different…


Wetu’s Content Solution for Suppliers

21 November 2016 0

With all the competition out there, the last thing you need is to fight a losing battle with outdated content in different formats, stored all…


Time is the gift that keeps giving

15 November 2016 0

Time is 1 vital factor that empowers you to give your clients a more personalised buyer experience. Here are 3 quick plays to win back…


Short & sweet content that sells

15 November 2016 0

Tell the story of your experience but make sure it’s sweet ‘n short. Consider these 3 points: Shorter reader attention span. People tend to read…


Boost your work rate, boost conversions

8 November 2016 2

One way to convert more business is to improve your efficiency and speed up your work rate with your Wetu tools. This way you respond…


Simplify your Marketing efforts

8 November 2016 0

Finding a single solution to market all the products you sell is a challenge we can help you with. Streamline your content management and simplify…


10 MIND BLOWING reasons to get an Enhanced Listing

31 October 2016 0

No Supplier should be without one. Fear of the unknown, untried and untested can be debilitating, sure, but the benefits of trying this on for…


3 SUPER FAST ways to build itineraries

31 October 2016

Got enquiries piling up, clients breathing down your neck, no time to waste? Sound like a day in your life? Stop stressing. Here are 3 SUPER…