Use the Calendar to stay on top of consultant bookings

20 November 2018 0

A consultant goes off sick, on leave, on educational or simply AWOL, and now you’re scrambling, wondering what’s happening to their booked or paid itineraries!…

Where are you in the travel buyer journey?

9 November 2018 0

Meet Joe. Not an average guy – he is every man who would be traveller. What he dreams of, how he goes about searching for…

Update your booking status to view in Calendar

25 October 2018 0

You’ve heard about the new Wetu Calendar and want to make good use of it. In order to get a calendar overview, all your confirmed…

A higher content rating makes life easier for your brand

25 October 2018 0

Want to improve the number of views on your content? Make it easier for Operators, DMCs and Agents to choose, use and sell your products in…

Operator Webinar: Theme Customiser

23 October 2018 0

In this webinar hosted for Tour Operators/DMCs/Agents, we introduce our new Theme Customiser. Learn how to create completely different itinerary outputs from other Wetu users,…

Wetu 101 – Unpacking the Planner

23 October 2018 0

This course drills deeply into the Planner Step of the Itinerary Builder to help you understand the various features. You’ll learn exactly what kind of…

Wetu 101 – The simple truth about Hybrid Content

23 October 2018 0

This course examines how to customise your supplier descriptions, images, room types & activities, to combine with some of your own content. You’ll understand how…

Wetu 101 – Overnight Travel, Alternative Accommodation & Other Odd Bits

23 October 2018 0

This course covers those odd but essential parts of an itinerary like overnight travel, alternative accommodation options, own arrangements & other useful Accommodation Step features….

Wetu 101 – The Story of Components & Day Tours

23 October 2018 0

This course breaks down Components, 1-Day Tours & Multi-Day Tours (both published & unpublished Day Tour options). You’ll learn how to build them, where to…